WHat do we offer?

Protective Peelable Paint:

  • Protects your original car paint

  • Possible to polish the car 

  • Can be done in any color

  • Possible to perform spamrt repair

  • 2 years warranty

  • Does not show edges

  • Looks like original paint

  • Protects the original paint from swirl marks, some scratches, bird droppings, and small dents


Normal Paint:

  • High quality finishing

  • Newer car look

  • Top quality paints

  • Matching other panels paint


Carbon Fiber:

  • Original carbon fiber parts

  • Custom carbon fiber parts made for your car

  • Reparing broken carbon fiber parts


Smart denting:

  • Removing small dents

  • paintless repairs


Body kits:

  • Installing ready made body kits

  • Fitting and adjusting body kits to fit the car

  • Cutting or reshaping car panels to fit a custom body kit